What We Do

Alumni Kenya works with alumni associations across Kenya’s Primary and Secondary schools to build, strengthen and accelerate alumni engagement. This, in turn, offers schools the much-needed support in mentorship, financial and good governance support. It also improves student’s quality of education with more access to learning materials, mentors and insights into the demands of the workforce and opportunities of pursuit beyond the conventional paths prescribed in school.

Alumni Kenya works with alumni associations in the following ways:
1. Establishing Alumni Associations in Public Primary and Secondary Learning Institutions
2. Build and strengthen the operational and governance capacity of alumni associations
3. Networking and benchmarking with other alumni associations
4. Partnership and engagement with respective Government ministries and agencies to address education-related policies
5. Training for alumni leadership
6. Opportunity to pool finances for alumni activities through the Alumni Endowment Fund

Alumni Endowment Fund

While a culture of Alumni giving exists in Kenya, practice is sporadic and professional support is virtually non-existent. Except for a few school alumni, giving is ad hoc. The alumni endowment fund seeks to change that by building an infrastructure to activate alumni and manage alumni giving.

The fund will supplement high school financing and meet the increasing demand for secondary education in Kenya. The Alumni Endowment fund will serve as a financial pool whose interest generated will go towards running alumni activities across schools in Kenya. This is a financial resource funded by Alumni Kenya.

Alumni Kenya also works with numerous institutions to set up individual alumni endowment funds. Get in touch with us today to set up an Endowment Fund for your Alma Mater Alumni Association or Group.

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