About Us

Alumni Kenya is a consortium of alumni associations across basic learning institutions (Primary and Secondary Schools) in Kenya. It exists to strengthen education in Kenya through the direct and indirect involvement of alumni in their respective alma maters.


The organization was launched in 2017 by the Kenya Education Cabinet Secretary(CS), Dr Fred Matiang’i. This launch was a joint effort driven by Future First Kenya in partnership with the Ministry of Education.
During the launch, the CS directed the Education Ministry’s office of the Director-General to take over the Alumni Associations as part of its critical programmes. And also pledged to engage with the Alumni Communities on statutory and policy areas to improve learning out- comes for Kenyan children.

Following the launch of the Association, it became essential to formalize operations, as part of that process the Association registered in May 2017 under the Registrar of Societies of Kenya.

Situational Analysis

The mobilization of former students to support their alma mater schools is an old Kenyan tradition which has remained an informal activity for many years. Alumni Communities, therefore, exist as loose social networks rather than purpose-driven groups to be mobilised to support young Kenyans through the school to work transition, provide social and governance capital to public schools and better advancement for alumni.

There was a gap identified through research conducted by Future First Kenya, which revealed 78% of Kenyan adults want to give back to their former schools, but only one per cent does. Every data point collected indicates a ripe environment for mass alumni activity in Kenyan Schools.

Alumni engagement in schools is an equalizer, it is civic engagement. And civic engagement in schools en- riches institutions, enhances accountability, transparency and fosters dialogue to manage institutions.

"Parents can't do it alone. Teachers can't do it alone. Alumni have to step up. Whether it's giving your former school a tin of paint or serving on the School Board, it doesn't matter how you give back, what is more, important is that you do."

The Late Ken Okoth,Kenyan Member of Parliament and education advocate

"We need to understand what is going on in schools and how these factors affect learning outcomes and what else we can do to enhance learning environments."

Dr Matiangi,Former Education Cabinet Secretary

Why Engaging Matters

Since the advent of formal education under colonial rule in Kenya, numerous generations have graduated to form the backbone of the nation’s workforce and trailblaze in sectors of economics, scientific research, sport, and art.

With the introduction of compulsory free primary education in 2003 and free day secondary school in 2018, the Kenyan government and parents still struggle to fully cater to the complete education of each child outside of tuition. Public schools lack sufficient infrastructure and material, access to psychosocial support and co-curricular activities. But this doesn’t have to be the case. With a total of 38,194 primary and high schools in Kenya and generations of graduates from these institutions across all walks of life, there is a pool of human and financial resource schools are not tapping into; its Alumni.

Alumni can be mobilised as a resource base to provide relatable role models, mentorship, career guidance, professional expertise, and sponsorship to students. Fostering the spirit of volunteerism in alumni assists students and alumni, and further strengthens the public education system. It unlocks the much needed social, governance and financial capital.

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Being a member of Alumni Kenya is more than just support for your alma mater, it also adds value to you as a professional.

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