Benefits Of Membership With AK

Being a member of AK is more than just support for your alma mater, it also adds value to you as a professional.

Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy as a member:

Access to Webinars on alumni relations

As part of our annual activities, AK will organise and have access to local and international virtual workshops and conferences on alumni relations. This is a great way to benchmark and learn best practices from some of the world’s oldest and strongest alumni networks.

Access to an alumni Tool Kit

The Alumni Tool Kit is a guide to assist you as you establish, grow or refine your operations as an alumni association of your alma mater.

Access to a customized Alumni Management System

For most alumni associations and groups managing a database of hundreds to thousands of alumni and ensuring the utmost integrity in alumni information and giving is not easy. AK has developed an Alumni Management System which eases the entire process. As a member of AK, you will have access to this system.

A plug into the Alumni Endowment Fund

The Alumni Endowment Fund is a financial resource pool established by AK. The interest generated from this fund will be disbursed in part to AK members to support its alumni association on a merit basis.

Discounts to alumni coffee chat and conferences

AK will hold periodic alumni meetups and conferences to discuss and learn from each other. This is a great way to benchmark and also reminisce with other alumni.

Full-service Association Management

If you are keen to start an alumni association for your alma mater primary or secondary school AK can assist you set everything up from scratch. We will help you recruit your alumni, set up the operational framework and manage your alumni engagement.