Get Involved

There are several ways in which your alumni group or association can get involved with AK.

Register an Existing Primary or Secondary School Association to AK

If you are already an active alumni community in your primary or secondary alma mater, it’s important to ensure you consolidate your efforts to scale your support. Register with Alumni Kenya and join a supportive and robust community of givers impacting Kenya’s next generation of learners.

Get AK Support to Start an Alumni in my Primary or Secondary School Alma Mater

As an alumnus of your various primary and secondary schools, you may be interested or are giving back individually or as a small group from a specific graduation year. You can go a step further and get more alumni involved. If you are not sure how to do that, get in touch with AK and we will help you figure it out. We will set up your alumni association to give the current students in your school support in mentorship, sponsorship and more.

Get AK support for an existing Primary or Secondary School Alumni Group

If you are already active as an alumni community in your primary and secondary alma mater and are in need to either amplify or streamline your operations get in touch with AK. We will help you streamline your engagement among alumni and also with the school.

Get AK Support to Organize Alumni Mentorship / Career Day

If your Alumni Association or Group would like to organise a school mentorship or career day and you are not quite sure the best way to execute it, AK is here to help. We will work with you to not only organise your mentorship or career day but help you coordinate a longer-term partnership with your alma mater’s administration for an inclusive school event calendar.

Get AK Support to Organize a Fundraiser

As an alumni community for your alma mater, it takes commitment and finances to ensure you continue to support the next generation of students. AK will work with your alumni group or association to rally up alumni and other partners to fundraise for your school and alumni needs.

Get AK Support to Set Up an Alumni Endowment fund

Support to your alma mater is a long term commitment. To ensure constant finances to support the growth and needs of the institution it is essential to set up an endowment fund. An endowment fund is an investment vehicle that ensures that the interest accrued from the principal you invest can be used to fund all planned activities. This is an essential fund to ensure continuity and sustainability of alumni activities in all learning institutions. AK will work with you to set up an Endowment Fund.